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Delivering client centric solutions across industries and channels.

Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering high quality services and products, consistently, cost effectively and collaboratively. We have high standards. Maintaining those standards allows us to provide an exceptional value to our clients, translating into loyalty and a win-win for our client relationships.


At Hinext, we partner with many types of businesses. By functioning as a resource that provides expertise in one of our divisional areas, a technological infrastructure and an affordable cost structure, we can be a tremendous asset to our partners in helping them to position their own business competitively in their market. Our partners consider us a resource for augmenting or extending their existing service offerings.

We offer several partnership models depending on what works best for you as our client: a direct client engagement where we work with your clients directly on your behalf; a private label engagement where our role is invisible to your clients; or a collaborative engagement where you maintain your client facing role, but your clients are aware of the services we are providing through you.

Direct Clients

We work with clients across multiple industries, designing solutions that fit the individual needs of their business. Our customizable solutions encompass an integration of services, technologies and operational apps and tools from our various divisions including accounting, IT, and data management. Clients benefit from leveraging our solutions as they are able to run their business more effectively, leveraging our scalable service offerings, as well as our investment in software and technological infrastructure. Their associated cost savings directly impacts their profitability, and those profits can be reinvested in their own business growth.



CPA firms partner with us to access incremental bandwidth for numerous accounting functions. This also allows them to focus their efforts on higher profit margin activities.


Hinext has significant experience working with startup organizations to help them customize solutions that put them in the best position for maximizing their growth potential.


Our deep domain experience in the restaurant industry has allowed numerous clients to leverage our industry specific business acumen in developing customized solutions that are just right for their specific restaurant.


Franchise businesses have their own unique challenges, and our team of professionals has extensive experience developing solutions that foster better financial and operational reporting between franchisors and franchisees.


Hinext Solutions offers hospitality specific services and solutions that enable hotel managers to streamline financial and operational processes, as well as view multi-hotel reports on a range of devices.

Indoor Sporting Facilities

Our team has extensive experience servicing the niche indoor sporting facility market, providing accounting, IT and data management services to numerous facilities across the US.

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